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Panoramic Image Hosting

We can now offer a hosting solution for your Panoramic Images.

This online account based solution allows you to upload images to create tours, each tour can then be accessed by an individual URL making it ideal for estate agents.

Features Include:

  • Secure Login
  • No limit on number of images per tour
  • One-off annual hosting charge
  • Images compressed and optimised during upload
  • Custom splash screens can be used
  • Custom page colours can be used
  • iPad and iPhone support is available
  • Supports 'Partial' panoramas
  • Each image start point can be set individually
  • Each image can be targetted individually
  • Widget allows embedding virtual tours in webpagesnew
Click here to view a Sample Tour in a popup window

Click here to view a Sample Tour embedded in a page

Please contact us for further details or to request a trial account.


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