How we Work

In our 18 years, no two projects have been the same, while that's great for keeping us on our toes and innovating, it makes it tricky to put together a meaningful price list.

So to arrive at a quote we’d need to have a chat to understand your project, the basic outline:

  • What's the subject matter.
  • What type of content is required and how much of it.
  • What's the timeframe.
  • What's to be delivered.

From this we can come up with options, we’d discuss these options with you and arrive at a plan of how we’d approach the project, leading to a quote.

The quote would be based on how much time would be involved producing content from shoot through any post processing, coding and so on.

What our clients say:

“Our virtual tours give us a real point of difference in the industry, offering new customers an interactive view of life on board our ships.”

Gavin Atcheson
Digital Development Manager

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